Completed in the Spring of 2017, this stylish freestanding, lakefront property consists of two apartments and epitomizes easy luxury living.  Built for a local developer for whom Rilean worked for previously, the quick construction time ensured that the investment kept to the financial forecast. 


Each apartment is 2-bedroom, 1-bath with stunning waterfront views over the Lake towards the Remarkables Mountains.  The concept behind these apartments is easy, lock-up-and-leave without sacrificing comfort and quality.



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Having completed previous projects for the developer, Rilean delivered another high-end apartment per schedule and on budget. 


Cedar cladding and decking provide a streamlined, minimalist lines which complement the landscape elegantly.  The lakefront site provides stunning views of Lake Wakatipu, but also posed accessibility challenges while being built.  

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Having worked all around the basin, our crew managed exceedingly well and the final product is one to be proud of.

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