With over twenty years’ experience in the South Island, Rilean Construction has built a reputation synonymous with quality and innovation.

We are recognised as a key performer in the delivery of all types of construction from new builds to re-builds, from high-end residential to commercial projects. 

In 2011, we opened offices in Addington to apply the expertise we’ve gained from over two decades of award-winning construction in Queenstown to help with the re-build in Christchurch. 

Our team brings invaluable expertise, particularly in meeting challenges, such as construction on difficult hill sites prevalent in both regions. 

Rilean values sustainability and launched its division, Evolution, which specializes in building energy-efficient homes that are warmer, drier, healthier and use up to 60% fewer resources than the average modern NZ home.  These claims are backed by quantifiable evidence, such as the independently-administered Blower Door Test and achieving high ratings on the New Zealand Green Building Council Homestar™ system.

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