Designed by Allan Huntington, this high-end residence clad in schist and cedar evokes rustic charm, enhanced by its idyllic rural location. 

Increased insulation, airtightness and superior windows keep the home warm in winter with lower power bills.

A grand entrance is created out of the main hallway thanks to custom-made, wood-framed windows.  The thickness of the walls is attributable to the increased insulation and airtight membrane that envelopes the conditioned space, ensuring tranquility and warmth within.

The interior style by Donna Weir Designs capitalizes on the generous gabled ceiling balanced with the honey glow of wood to create a warm atmosphere comparable to the internal temperature.

Improved window joinery enables the occupants to enjoy the dramatic alpine views without compromising comfort and resources to heat the home.  The chimney features local schist stone and enhances the alpine lodge feel of the living room.

Illuminated, built-in shelves provide a stunning display of the homeowner's travel bibelot and echo the warm glow from the Haro engineered-wood floor.

A generous built-in wine cellar, partitioned off from the kitchen by airtight glass doors, provides visual interest, storage and tasting area.  

With magnificent views in every direction, full-length windows are a must in every bedroom. Thick curtains keep the sunlight out, but argon-filled, Low E double-glazing protects the home from heat loss and harmful sun rays.

Matte tiles give this ensuite bathroom a rich, pearly glow and the organic lines of the standalone bath complete the look of an upscale spa. 

Expertly crafted stone masonry creates harmony between the interior and exterior of the home, with a short schist wall extending the length of the terrace.  Strategic LED lighting accentuates the architectural features that bring this home to life.

The homeowners are rapt with this visually-stunning home that performs to such a high level.  They were living overseas during construction and placed their trust in us, with excellent results as revealed in their testimonial.