Located in Lakeside Estates, an exclusive Queenstown subdivision, the profile of this spectacular home echoes its alpine setting and showcases the possibilities of integrating high performance with bespoke design.

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Designed by architect Hayden Emslie, this home has integrated the principles of Passive House, ventilation, airtightness, and orientation, to balance out the demands of a grand residence. 

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Breathtaking views are on display through triple-glazed, argon-filled windows that enhance heat retention and protect the interior from harmful rays.

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Haro engineered wood imbues the foyer with a glow that brings visual warmth to the airy atrium. The oak floor is designed to go over the hydronic in-slab heating, allowing the temperature to emanate without warping the engineered timber.

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Excellent proportions create a sense of comfort while enjoying a panorama of nature's magnificence through floor-to-ceiling, triple-glazed windows.

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High-end finishes create an opulent kitchen.  Ducting for the Mechanical Heat Recovery Ventilation (MHRV) is seamlessly integrated into the ceiling and provides continuous fresh air. 


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A lower ceiling height and plush carpet provide softened acoustics for the Music Room.

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With a view of this magnificence, there is no need for feature walls in the master bedroom.  High-performing windows mitigate heat loss and a balanced ventilation system eliminates condensation concerns.

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