1789 Wine & Jazz Lounge, Sofitel Hotel

2017 Silver Award

New Zealand Commercial Project Awards

2017 Silver Award

1789 Wine & Jazz Lounge, Sofitel

Named for the year the French Revolution began, 1789 is the new upscale jazz lounge at the Sofitel Hotel, Queenstown.  Rilean completed the refurbishment in August 2016, after a complete overhaul of the existing bar.  The new venue exudes rich, lush tones evoking a former era of elegance.

Custom-built wine shelves create intimate settings

Soft, strategically placed lighting showcases the scarlet hues of the textured wallpaper, carpet and furnishings, imbuing a glow that contrasts beautifully with the coffee tones of the wood.  The lounge offers over 280 vintages, some artfully displayed on custom-built room dividers, which create intimate settings.  A mirror-clad fireplace offers warmth and reflects the opulence the venue exudes effortlessly.

Rich reds contrast beautifully with the dark tones of the wood

The high detailing and first-class workmanship made this project a real pleasure, and the results are a welcome asset to the Queenstown nightlife.